“Art washes away from the the soul the dust of everyday life.”

Pablo Picasso

Est. 2014

Our Story

Lazy Dayz was born into a tiny house in the picturesque Ano Poli, the upper, old part of Thessaloniki. Ioannis brought a used sewing machine, along with the groceries, to Aphrodite and said that it would be great if they started to sew. Men tend to be over optimists sometimes, since none of them knew how, but without this optimism we wouldn’t be here now.

Both of them are Fine Arts university graduates, sharing their love for art and everything artsy. So, back in 2014, they decided to produce something that brings art into everyday life and involves aesthetics with simple, utility items. That is why we do not handcraft another black bag, on the contrary, our products are full of patterns, colors and there is always a detail for you to discover.

Everyday is a struggle, full of errands, sometimes discomfort, so we just want to give you something to spark up your day. Our bags are happy, we hope that this happiness eventually will reach you too.

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We look forward to be around, to be better, to be relevant and most of all, be a part of your everyday life. Our hope is that everyone who purchases a Lazy Dayz bag or accessory, appreciates the skill, respect, determination and love that goes into making each individual item.

Even the humblest creator wants to see his creation admired and loved and we couldn’t be different. We love seeing you around us, with a backpack of ours on your back. We have seen you in supermarkets, ferries, on the streets and this is what future ideally would look like for us. People wanting art on their everyday items and us, providing that. Do not ever forget, to indulge in some lazy days of your own.



Regional offices around the world

Brand Values

If you have taken a sneak peak of our collection, you have probably noticed that we don’t create minimal, monochromatic bags. We love colors, we love prints and we are on an aesthetic journey towards maximalism.

Our collection sparks joy, since this is our primary goal. We are committed in giving you products that will make you happy, or at least joyful. We believe that it’s all about you. You should be in love with your bag, you should have the chance to insert small dosages of vibrant, cheerful and bold colors into your everyday life.

Our drive is to provide high quality, loud and unique statement pieces, handcrafted to the bone. Blending styles, creating unexpected matches of prints and using rich colors in our designs, that’s our thing.

The materials that we source and the craftsmanship that goes into making our products, are our core. Inspiration is vital, but each time, we have to find the proper way to transform it into an actual product. After trial and error, failures and mistakes, we have found the formula which works for us!

But it’s not all about bags.

Team spirit, respect and some chit chat around the workshop are essential, so as to put all our love into a finished product.

Integrity, which is mirrored throughout the relationship we try to build with our customers, is key to us. Integrity means that we will never send out a product which is not of high quality. It means that we will choose our wholesale clients wisely, in order not to harm existing clientele. Integrity translates to building connections and being able to benefit our neighbors, our suppliers, our friends, our customers.

In the end, it’s all about the people. And giving yourself the right to enjoy some lazy days. Life is hectic, lay back for a while.

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